The Hope of the American Dream

What if every single person who reached the United States held the same opportunities as everyone else? People from all over the world have come to the US to achieve the American Dream. In the workplace, equal opportunity and treatment of workers are vital to the success of a company.  Equal opportunity has been, is, and always will be an important aspect of the American Dream.

The American Dream is the entirety of the American spirit put into a standard lifestyle. When the United States became a superpower in the 1900s, the American Dream was materialized. People from all over the world came to America to follow their passion and be themselves. Thinking back to the first pilgrims coming to America, they came to be free of the oppressive rule of their king, and to practice their own form of Christianity. In their initial land, they are not given the same chances as their fellow people because of their beliefs. To fulfill the “American Dream,” equal opportunities must be granted to all Americans, as it still does today.

In today’s America, after completing our education, we usually expect to advance to the workplace where we endure more barriers. Not all Americans today are presented with an equal opportunity, yet what constitutes a significant aspect of the American Dream. When workers are being treated justly, their positivity and morale will improve. Workers are motivated to do work, knowing that they will receive the same credit for the amount of work they do when compared with their coworkers. When employers give all workers the same chance, the employees stay more loyal to their job.

Overall, equal opportunity means a higher work ethic and quality of work.  When people come to the United States, giving them equal opportunity will allow them to realize their purpose for coming here. Even though some people believe that the American dream is unachievable, it is achieved when individuals who have open minds and are given the same chance as everyone else. If every immigrant who came to America received the same opportunities, workplace morale and quality of work would increase, and the American Dream could become reality.


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