Valiant or Vicious?

41% of Americans own a dog, yet the government estimates that 4.5 million people are bitten each year. One-fifth of dog owners think that Pit Bulls need to be banned, but are they really a “vicious” breed? No, dogs are popular pets, and banning a breed is an action that could affect millions.

We need to face the facts, dogs are only vicious if their owners raise them to be brutal. This rule applies to all dogs, even fighting dogs. In fact, more than half of Americans agree, and only a mere 2% think that the dogs’ genetics are to blame. As Sara Enos, of the American Pit Bull Foundation, said, “It really boils down to responsible owners… any dog can be aggressive, it depends on how it is treated.”

In spite of this, many US courts have labeled Pit Bulls as a vicious breed, and two Florida counties actually have banned them. In Britain and New Zealand, they are banned, and Pit Bulls are also grounded on certain airlines. Police Officers are given permission to shoot dogs on-site if people feel threatened. To be exact, 72% of the dogs shot were Pit Bulls. On the other hand, Pit Bulls are the main dogs trained to fight in cage matches, which shows that it really depends on how they are brought up. In addition, countless examples of Pit Bull heroism show that the destroyers of Pit Bull myths are actually the Pit Bulls themselves.

Similarly, there are quite a few other myths about Pit Bulls that are not true. For instance, a common myth is that Pit Bulls attack more than any other breed. This is not true, because some dogs that are referred to as Pit Bulls are actually not Pit Bulls at all. The Pit Bull is an equal mix between the Bulldog and the Terrier. Because of this, some people believe that they have a Pit Bull but actually do not. Moreover, another myth is that Pit Bulls “turn” on their owners. As a result, people become afraid to have them as pets. Still, this myth is not true. No type of dog species will do this unless severely provoked. To be specific, they do not do this “just because”. It is a case of improper handling. In rare cases hydrocephalus, a disease that affects the brain. Hydrocephalus, or “water on the brain”, can affect any species, even humans. It can be easily prevented if the Pit Bull has a responsible owner.

In short, if a dog looks dangerous or bites, it is the fault of the human who trained the dog. In cases of diseases such as hydrocephalus, it is a result of irresponsible owners. Also, a majority of the beliefs about Pit Bulls turned out to be baseless and untrue. If the owner uses improper handling, the dog may become dangerous. It is important to quell these myths and save an innocent species from false and unjust discrimination.


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